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NSTC Club Competitions...


Watch this space for updated competition information, fixtures and results

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It is the plan to run both Men's & Women's and Mixed Doubles Competitions in 2019, please register by email to;


The top two players/teams in each league will play for the League Title on Club Finals Day, provisionally a weekend in September (TBD)


New Silksworth Tennis Club League


Format & Rules


The NSTC Leagues will be played as a round robin format whereby all players/teams entering the league will play each other once.


Points System


•  3 Points awarded for winning the match

•  2 Points awarded for each set won

•  1 Point awarded for each game won




Player 1 wins 7-6 7-6 against Player 2


Player 1 is awarded 3 points for winning, plus 4 points for winning two sets, plus 14 points for winning fourteen games, so 21 points in total.  Player 2 will be awarded 12 points for winning twelve games.




•  Both players will bring a new can of balls to the match.  The winner of the match will receive/keep the new can while the loser keeps/receives the used can.  If it is decided to do something other than this regarding balls, both players must agree prior to starting the match.  The cost of a tin of balls is roughly about a pint of beer or gin & tonic so there's always a sociable option!


•  Scoring will be conventional: 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring with a 12 point tie breaker (first to 7 points by a 2 point margin) used at 6 games all.


If both players agree, a tie-breaker in the format of their choosing can be used in place of a third set, for example Championship Tie-Break (first to 10 points by a 2 point margin).  Championship Tie-Break format is serve 1 point, then rotate every 2, switch ends at multiples of 6.


For the purposes of the points scoring system a championship tie-break will be converted to normal games i.e. 2-0 or 2-1


•  If a match can't be played to completion, it must be finished at a later date or forfeited.  Both players must agree on which option.


•  If a match is interrupted for any reason, it may be continued to completion at another time agreeable to both players from the point at which it was suspended.  Players should attempt to complete suspended matches before they initiate or arrange new matches.


•  If a match has been scheduled then forfeited by either player, including after commencement of the match, the match shall be awarded to the opponent as a walk-over 6-0 6-0.


•  It's a good idea to contact a player the day before playing a match to confirm availability for the match.  This is particularly important if the match was set up far in advance.


Code of Conduct


•  If you have any doubts as to whether a ball is out or good, you must give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and play the ball as good.  You should not play a let.


•  It is your obligation to call all balls on your side of the court and to help your opponent make calls when the opponent requests it, and to call against yourself (with the exception of a first service) any ball that you clearly see out on your opponent’s side of the net.


•  Any “out” or “let” call must be made as quickly as possible.


•  If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, you should correct your call.


•  To avoid controversy over the score, the server should clearly announce the set score (e.g. 5-4) before starting a game and the game score (e.g. thirty-forty) prior to serving each point.


•  If the receiver cannot hear the server's announcement of the score, he must ask the server to speak louder.  You can't wait until the server believes he has won the game to try to reconstruct the scoring point by point.


•  If players cannot agree on the score, they may go back to the last score on which there was agreement and resume play from that point or they may spin a racket.


•  Do not stall, sulk, complain, or practice gamesmanship.  Try to look like you're having fun, even if you're playing badly.  Your opponent does not want to see you looking miserable, at least in a friendly match, and you're likely to play better if you try to present a positive state of mind.  Above all, this is supposed to be a friendly but competitive match between friends!


•  Matches are played at the club courts where children may be present.  Loud cursing/swearing is not acceptable.  Please be aware of your surroundings & other court users.  Repeated offenders of this rule will be removed from the competition.


After the Match


The winner should email/telephone/text/tweet the competition secretary with the result, within 24 hours of completing the match.


The match results and subsequent new rankings will be computed and displayed on the club website, updates will also be proved via email and at the social tennis evenings.


Any queries, complaints or any other correspondence regarding the league competition should be directed to the Competition Secretary.  If you are unsatisfied with the response of the Competition Secretary then you can escalate the matter with the Club Secretary.